Charlotte’s Corner (Blackburn) 6/10

What’s cracking cafe lovers?! 

Located in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Blackburn South along Canterbury Road lies Charlotte’s Corner.

Charlotte’s Corner Interior
Charlotte’s Corner Interior

This place has a lovely interior with beautiful exposed red bricks, which gives this café a rustic feel which follows the latest trend in Melbourne.  This café is easy for Blackburn locals to get to and visit in their spare time. There isn’t much parking in the surrounding area, with only one hour parking in the side streets, which is something to keep in mind. Charlotte’s Corner is a very popular place for mothers and their young children and is a great spot for mothers groups to meet up. Charlotte’s Corner has a play area for children to enjoy while their mothers sit and chat. I have been here in the past and loved it and thought that it would be a great spot to catch up with my old school friend Lauren, but we were both very disappointed and probably wouldn’t return in a hurry.


Charlotte’s Corner offers an extensive menu with a number of delicious sounding meals, with a special menu for children under 12; Charlotte’s corner has something for everyone at a more reasonable price than other cafés that I have visited in the past. This was their menu in April 2015 and might have changed.

Charlotte’s Corner Breakfast Menu
Charlotte’s Corner Breakfast Menu (April 2015)
Charlotte’s Corner Lunch Menu
Charlotte’s Corner Lunch Menu (April 2015)

The latte that I order was average; there was nothing different about it and a coffee that I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase again. It was lukewarm by the time it came to me which was disappointing as it was a cold morning and I was looking forward to a hot coffee.

Coffee rating: 2/5   2 out of 5

Latte ($3.70)

Lauren ordered a hot chocolate, which the café forgot to list on their menu. She said that it was also average and that she has had better hot chocolate in the past. Also complaining that it was lukewarm instead of following its namesake of being “hot” chocolate.

Hot chocolate rating: 2/5   2 out of 5

Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate ($3)

I ordered the sweet corn fritters with avocado, bacon, sour cream, tomato relish and poached eggs. Which were presented beautifully with the bright green of the avocado against the white of the plate and the rich dark red of the tomato relish. Once the poached eggs were cut open the bright yellow of the yolk finished the plate artwork off. The eggs were cooked perfectly; the tomato relish was seasoned well and added a smooth feel and taste to the dish. The bacon could have been a bit cruncher, as most would agree that there is nothing like crispy bacon, especially with their breakfast. All elements of the dish worked well together, with each balancing the other out leaving all your taste buds very happy.

Charlotte’s Corner Breakfast
Sweet corn fritters with avocado, bacon, sour cream, tomato relish and poached eggs ($17)

Lauren went with the classic cheese and ham croissant, which was huge! As you can see in the photograph below. She said that it was quite tasty, except that some of the areas were slightly over cooked and ended up burnt. She said that left it a burnt taste in her mouth, but she said other than that there was a good amount of cheese and ham in it and that it wasn’t to dry.

Charlotte’s Corner Breakfast
Ham and cheese croissant ($7)


As said before, Charlotte’s Corner has a beautiful interior, that makes this place feel very trendy with their exposed brick wall (see photograph at the top of the blog). They also have a lovely painting outside on the wall, with its bright colours against the white wall helps to grab peoples attention and encourages them to come in and have a look. They have seating inside and  outside near the children’s play area. The outside isn’t as beautifully done as other cafés that I have been to, as there are just tables and no plants to give it that great outdoorsy feel.

Charlotte’s Corner Wall Art outside the café
Charlotte’s Corner Wall Art outside the café

The service was very disappointing we sat outside and waited around 25 minutes for someone to take our order then the waiter told us he had forgotten about us and laughed. This was not what we wanted to hear; we had been waiting a while and were quite hungry. After that we waited another 20 minutes for our food to come out. Everything was slow, they were in no rush to service their customers and in no rush to make sure you were all right or wanted something else


Either before your meal by working up an appetite or after your meal to help with digestion and work your meal off, it would be recommended that you visit Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. Located just 2.9 km away from Charlotte’s Corner, Blackburn Lake Sanctuary is home to some amazing walking trails. They are currently fixing their children’s play area, which will be reopened in June. This is an excellent place to take the family, the kids will love to run around and look at the ducks. This is a great place to take a walk while catching up with friends.

Map from Charlotte's Corner to Blackburn Lake Sanctuary
Map from Charlotte’s Corner to Blackburn Lake Sanctuary
Bridge Blackburn Lake Sanctuary
Bridge Blackburn Lake Sanctuary


Address: 106 Canterbury Road, Blackburn South (Vic)

Operating Hours:

Monday – 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Tuesday- Closed

Wednesday – Saturday- 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Sunday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Phone: (03) 9894 3907

Facebook Page:

Café Score = 6/10

Have you been to Charlotte’s Corner before? Please let me know what you thought of it. Hopefully they were just having an off day and that the service will return back to it was in the past.

Are there any cafés that you recommend that I try out? Please suggest them in the comments below.

Until next time,

Happy eating

– Kim

Charlotte’s Corner (Blackburn)

20 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Corner (Blackburn) 6/10

Add yours

  1. Hi Kim,
    I’ve never been to this place, after reading I would say I don’t want to but may someday if I have a chance I might try and will tell you about the service hope they will improve. I have been to cafe around High Street, Praharn and some place in Chapel St. Sorry I can’t remember the name but would like to recommend you 🙂 Have you been around there before? One more thing can you please suggest me where is the best hot chocolate in Melbourne? Haha since i am a hot chocolate lover would like to try it .


    1. Hi Don,
      Thanks for your comment. I love going to the cafe’s along Chapel street, Prahran has to be one of my favourite areas . I just went to one of them today (i went to Top Paddock) so make sure you say tuned for the review of it next week. You should also try Oscar Cooper just off Chapel Street or Drug Store on Toorak road.
      I’m not a huge hot chocolate drinker, but you can’t beat the Lindt Cafe. They are the only place i ever have hot chocolate. Anything with Lindt chocolate is a winner for me. If i can think of any other places i’ll let you know.

      – Kim 🙂


  2. Hi Kim,
    The honesty of your review is very refreshing. The hot chocolate was definitely a bit of a let down.
    I look forward to checking out other cafés with you in the future 🙂


    1. Hey Lauren,
      Thanks for your comment. I’ll pick another place for us to go to, hopefully they have better hot chocolate. Look forward to more cafe adventures together
      – Kim 🙂


  3. Hi Kim , i like the art decor of the restaurant , although in this case i will have to reconsider going there because of the food: i dont like to feel conned after eating at a restaurant, but hey as you say lets hope its was just an off day


    1. Hi Nyarotso,
      Thanks for your comment and your honesty. I agree, i was let down after going there and I don’t think i’ll go back in a hurry.
      Hopefully you’ll try one of the other cafes i have reviewed.

      – Kim


    1. They were quite tasty, hopefully the service will be better for you than it was for me. Remember to take a walk around Blackburn Lake, its very beautiful!



  4. I love the vintage decor of this cafe but sadly the latte was not tasty 😦 If I have free time I wanna give it a try but it is not on my must-visit list. Do you know of any cafe that serve the green tea latte and green tea tiramisu. It’s my fav but it seems that I cannot find them here 😥


    1. Hi Annie,
      Thanks for you comment, hopefully when you visit Charlotte’s Corner they have stepped up their game and their service.
      I did a little research for you and found that a cafe called Maru Shih in South Yarra are supposed to serve green tea lattes

      Ichi Ichi Ku also in South Yarra are supposed to have green tea tiramisu.

      Hopefully they still have them and that they weren’t old menus online

      – Kim 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to agree with you, this place is so beautiful inside. The exposed red brick wall makes the place look great! I’m hoping they were just having an off day and that they will pick up their game and improve their service. Please let me know if you ever visit them, if your experience was better.

      – Kim


  5. i love the decoration of this coffee shop! Ham cheese croissant is my favourite! is it delicious in CHARLOTTE’S CORNER Kim?!! I will go there in this break! i enjoy reading your blog Kim!


    1. It is so beautiful in Charlotte’s Corner, that red brick wall makes the place look so trendy, it really gives the cafe character and adds to the ambience. My friend really enjoyed the ham and cheese croissant, so i’m sure you will too!
      Let me know if you enjoy it and if their service is better

      – Kim


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