Three Monkey’s Place (Doncaster East) 7.5/10

G’day fellow cafe lovers!

Outside Three Monkeys Place

Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! Hope you’ve all been well and have been out there exploring and trying some new cafés and restaurants. If so, please remember to share your experiences with me down in the comments section below.

I was actually recommended this place by a friend of my family, who’d been to this café a number of times and suggested that I give it a go. So I gave my friend Simone a call and asked her to join me, she’d also been to this café and said she’d love to go again.

Just something to keep in mind if you want to visit this café on the weekends is that parking can be quite challenging. There is a Dan Murphy’s opposite the cafe that has quite a lot of parking, but even those parking spots seem to go very quickly. So I would highly suggest that you get there early, to ensure you find a parking spot and to get a good seat at the café (Before 10am).

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.39.46 pm


Three Monkeys Place has a terrific menu and basically has something for even the fussiest of eaters. They have a great selection of sweet and savoury meals that can satisfy any mood. It’s not the prettiest of menus, but I assume it’s printed on plain paper because they change it frequently. This was their menu in March 2016 and could have changed.

Three Monkeys Place Menu (March 2016)
Three Monkeys Place Drinks Menu (March 2016)

I have to say that I thought their service was a bit slow; it took them at least 10 minutes to take our coffee orders. Most places I’ve been to take your order as soon as you’ve sat down. But once the coffee finally came it was pretty good. The coffee they use at this café is coffee beans by The Mailing Room. I have heard many good this about this blend before and I was happy to say that it didn’t disappoint. I loved that it was super hot (maybe a little to hot) and had a rich and creamy flavour.

Coffee rating: 3/5    3 out of 5

Latte ($3.80)

Simone had her favourite drink, which was a chai latte, it seems that I always go to cafés with at least one chai lover. She said that it tasted delicious and has a great flavour; the chai was served hot, but took a while to come out.

Chai rating: 4/5     4 out of 5

Chai latte ($4)


Simone ordered the wild shroom salad which was served with a medley of mushrooms, avocado, feta, rocket and pickled onion with seeded sourdough. It was plated so beautifully, with the chef making sure that every element of the dish was visible to the customer. The bright green of the rocket and the vibrant purple of the pickled onion on the top just screams out summer. Simone said that the meal was a great combination of mushrooms, feta and avo and that there was just enough of each element on the plate. She also said that it was a nice healthy meal and would be perfect for summer, as it’s light and refreshing. This was the second time she had tried this dish as she said it was just as tasty as the first time she ate it.

The sourdough toast added a contrast to the dish, by adding a crunch which was great against the softness of the rest of the ingredients. All of the ingredients complemented each other and the balance of flavours was incredible.

Simone said that she definitely would recommend this dish and she would certainly have it again.

Both our meals were a very generous size and we both struggled to finish our meals.

Wild shroom salad served with a medley of mushrooms, avocado, feta, rocket and pickled onion on seeded sourdough ($16.50)

After studying the menu I finally decided on, yes you guessed it the pancakes. If you’ve read any of my other blogs (if not, I would love it if you do) you’ll know I’m a sucker for pancake/hotcakes and when I saw these on the menu I knew I had to give them a try. So i had the sweet monkey (I love the name) which was roti pancakes served with fresh bananas, mixed berries, crumble, mascarpone and maple.

These would have to some of the most unique pancakes I think I’ve ever had. I think they were more of a croissant than a pancake. The best way to describe this dish would be to say that it was a croissant in the shape of pancakes, which were hollow inside and then stuffed with fresh banana. I feel that the berries helped to balance out the buttery flavour that the pancakes had. The crumble was ABSOLUTELY DELISIOUS! It was definitely my favourite element of the dish.

This dish was plated so beautifully and it looked as if everything was placed in each spot for a particular reason. It honestly looked like a piece of artwork. So a huge round of applause for the kitchen staff.

So the question is, would I eat this again? Properly not, I felt that the pancakes had a strong butter flavour and tasted too much like a croissant. I’m ‘one’ not a fan of croissants and ‘two’ not a fan of butter. But I am happy that I tried it and I’m happy to say that it is the most interesting take on pancakes that I’ve ever seen.

The sweet monkey – roti pancakes served with fresh bananas, mixed berries, crumble, mascarpone and maple. ($16.50)



My first impression walking into this café was that it was set out so nicely. There are quite a number of tables both inside the café and out the back. The beautiful exposed brick walls with a white wash give this place a real industrial feel, but then they have these wooden benches that run alone the wall which really add so warmth to the place.

The staff members are relatively friendly, but the service is quite slow. Like I said earlier we waited at least ten to fifteen minutes for someone to take our coffee orders and bring us a jug of water. This is much slower than other cafés and it still relatively quite that morning. The coffee also took a while to come out. The food on the other hand didn’t take as long as I would have expected, which was a nice surprise.

The café had a pleasant atmosphere, but when it started to get busier as the morning went on it become quite noisy inside and it made it difficult to hear each other. I would guess sitting outside would be your best bet during their busy times.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.39.46 pm


Address: 2 Jackson Court, Doncaster East, Melbourne, (Vic)

Phone: (03) 8658 3135

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  – 8:00am- 4:00 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


Instagram: @3monkeysplace

Three Monkey's Place

CAFÉ RATING = 7.5/10 

Have you visited Three Monkey’s Place before? Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating



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