Fat Penguin (Kew East) 7/10

Holla fellow cafe lovers!

Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! Recently I ventured out to Kew, as I haven’t been to a café IMG_0712in Kew for ages. After doing some research on the Internet, I came across a little café called Fat Penguin. With a name like that I couldn’t help but look up their menu and after reading it I knew that this was my type of café.

I ended up giving my friend Beth a call and asked her if she wanted to join me, after telling her the name, she was excited to join me. Who could possibly pass on a café with Fat Penguin as its name?

The café itself is beautiful and has plenty of tables inside and out. It has this vibrant blue as its signature colour, which can be seen on their menus, chairs and even on their coffee cup sauces. The colour really makes you feel as if you are in the artic hanging out with all the penguins.


The menu at this café fairly limited; I wished that it had another sweet breakfast option, as I’m a sucker for pancakes and waffles. They have a good selection of cakes and muffins in the front display and it is definitely hard to say no when you walk past. This café also offers alcoholic drinks, with a great mix of cocktails, beers and wines to choose from, all of which would go perfectly with their lunch menu.

Sorry for the shocking picture quality of the menu photos, the sunlight just caught it at the wrong angle.

Fat Penguin Menu (as of 8 April 2016)
Fat Penguin Drinks Menu (as of April 2016)

The coffee was fantastic, its rich flavour and heaviness left a great after taste. The strength was perfect and was a decent serving size. It also arrived in about 4 minutes after taking our order. It was nice and hot when it arrived at the table and stayed warm for a long time. I loved the bright blue saucer that it was brought on and definitely shows that this is the blue that they want representing their café.

Coffee rating: 4/5    4 out of 5

Latte ($3.70)

Beth ordered the eggs benedict, which was served with two poached eggs on hash browns, smoked ham on a muffin with hollandaise sauce. Beth said that she thoroughly enjoyed her meal. I had a taste of her meal and I have to say that it tasted great. I loved that they had hash browns incorporated into the dish. I felt that it added an interesting element to the dish. It brought a great crunchy texture against the softer items on the plate. The hollandaise sauce had a beautiful rich flavour that helped bring the dish together.

Beth felt that the food was good, but that the serving size was rather small for the price that was paid. She would have liked a bit more than what was served. But other than that she really enjoyed it and would absolutely eat it again and would definitely recommend it to others.

Eggs Benedict served with two poached eggs, hash browns, smoked ham on a muffin with hollandaise sauce ($19.50)

I ordered the buttermilk pikelets with roasted rhubarb, kiwi, mascarpone mousse and pistachio. They were very tasty but I felt that they could have had a sauce of some type. I haven’t had rhubarb for such a long time it was great to taste the roasted rhubarb again. It had this incredible citrusy taste and added an interesting flavour combination when eaten with the mascarpone mousse, kiwi and the pikelets.

The pikelets themselves were quite tasty and were slightly fluffy. As I said before, I think this dish needed some kind of sauce, as the pikelets were quite dry. I don’t think the rhubarb and mascarpone were enough to carry this dish. The fresh kiwi fruit was delicious and I wished that there was more of it on the plate. Even though I did enjoy this dish, I properly wouldn’t order it again.

I also seemed to miss out on the pistachios, which was quite disappointing. Also I think that the price of the meal is a bit hefty for such a small serving. Other cafés I’ve been to in the past have larger serving sizes for similar prices.

Buttermilk pikelets with roasted rhubarb, kiwi, mascarpone mousse and pistachio ($17)


The staff members are so incredibly friendly. They all walk around with these giant smiles on their faces and make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in. I would IMG_0703definitely go back to this café, as I loved the service. Fat Penguin have a wonderful and warm atmosphere and very friendly and engaging staff that liked to have a laugh and a joke with us.

The café itself has a fair number of tables both inside and outside so I’m sure you’ll always find a table. The outside area is undercover so even during those cooler months you would still be able to sit outside.

I loved the lighting in this café, the hanging light bulbs add to its character and was almost an artwork in itself. The decor inside is so quirky and gives this café such character and warmth. So a huge clap for the designer!

Fat Penguin also offer catering and take home meals, which is always a bonus for those  time poor.


Address: 713 High Street, Kew East, Melbourne, (Vic)

Map: here 

Phone: (03) 9859 3252

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  –7:00 am- 4:00 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Website: here

Facebook: here 

Instagram: @fatpenguincafe

The fat penguin


Have you visited Fat Penguin before? Share with me what your thoughts were. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating



2 thoughts on “Fat Penguin (Kew East) 7/10

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  1. Hi Kim,  thank-you for your time and efforts to create Cards And Cafes.  I have found your anecdotes and experiences to be highly entertaining and a great source of information to assess which cafe my mates and I might frequent for those lazy do nothing mornings.

    A quick question if I may, where would you recommend I go for brunch that is light and refreshing accompanied with a chai latte that not only taste delicious, but also has great flavours?



    1. Hi Vinny,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I don’t normally drink chai lattes so I have to go by what my friends tell me.
      You should try Collective Espresso in Camberwell. I’ve been told that they have an excellent chai latte (as my friend had two of them when we were there). Their food is also excellent and has amazing flavours.
      Lucky Penny on Chapel street is also a good choice if you are looking for a light meal.

      Focus cafe in Balwyn has an amazing menu. I had the smashed avo and it was one of the best I’ve had. The flavours are amazing and both dishes we had tasted great.

      Hopefully I’ve been helpful

      – Kim


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