Hello Sam (South Yarra) 7.5/10

G’day fellow cafe lovers!

Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! I thought that I would try something different and instead of going out for breakfast I would try a café for dinner. I happen to come across Hello Sam Burger Café just by change when I was looking up cafés in the South Yarra area. I had a quick look at their menu and sent a screen shot to my good friend Tiana who is a huge burger fan. I invited her to come along with me and she was excited to tick another burger place off her list.

It was a very easy café to find as it’s at the start of Chapel Street and it’s hard to miss the giant yellow sign outside.


Hello Sam have quite an interesting menu, something to satisfy every taste. They also have a healthier choice where you can choose to have a ‘naked burger ‘, which comes without a bun and is replaced by lettuce. These photos of the menus were taken in April 2016 and might have changed.

Hello Sam Menu (April 2016)
Hello Sam Menu (April 2016)
Hello Sam Menu (April 2016)
Hello Sam Menu (2016)

We actually didn’t order any drink’s as we weren’t thirsty at the time. But they have a good selection of soft drinks to choose from.

Tiana ordered the Uncle Sam, which comes with American cheese, red onion, tomato relish, American mustard, ketchup and pickles with a single patty. Being the big burger fan I trusted her to give the best review. She said that it was very tasty and one of the better burgers that she’s had in a while. For some reason they gave her two patties instead of one and she felt bad as she couldn’t finish her meal as there was just too much. She loved the patty itself and said that it had the most delicious flavour and you could tell that they had been freshly made. The seasoning was perfect and it was nice and juicy! You could see the juice dripping down her hands as she bit into her burger.

She also thought that the tomato relish was fantastic and really made the dish.

Uncle Sam – with American cheese, red onion, tomato relish, American mustard, ketchup and pickles with a single patty ($13.50)

I ordered the Too Cheesy, which was with lettuce, tomato, red onion, tomato relish, 2 mustard mayo, cheddar ale melt and one beef patty. I thought that it was heavenly! The patty itself was delicious and was perfectly seasoned. This patty was so juicy that it dripped down your chin as you began to eat the burger. It has to be one of the better hamburger patties that I have ever had. You can definitely taste the difference between a frozen party and a home-made one.

The tomato relish was out of this world; it had this beautiful sweet taste that helps to balance out the saltiness from the patty. The tomato relish was definitely the hero of this dish. The cheddar cheese had an incredible sharp flavour that added an interesting element to the burger. Like all American styled burgers the bun had a sweet flavour to it, with the glaze adding a stickiness to the outside of the bun.

Too Cheesy with lettuce, tomato, red onion, tomato relish, 2 mustard mayo, cheddar ale melt and one beef patty ($13)

We ordered a side of chips to share as we thought that having a serving each would be too much. They were quite tasty, but I think that I’ve had better. The flavour of the seasoning was average, I think I prefer the chips/fries at Grill’d as I think the seasoning has a stronger flavour and is something that is quite different to other places that sell chips.

Beer-battered chips ($5)

We both really enjoyed our meals and thought that it was very reasonably priced, especially for the area that Hello Sam is in. South Yarra is known to be a little pricier than other places and we were happy to see that most meals were around the $14 mark. We both would definitely come here again as we thought the burgers were really tasty, expect the service was incredibly slow.


There are quite a number of tables at Hello Sam, with tables inside and outside. As it was quite a warm night we sat outside and it was lovely to watch the world go by.

This is a counter order café and as I’ve said in so many of my other blogs/reviews I hate counter order places. I find it so annoying to go up and order your food, I honestly feel like I’m back at school lining up at the canteen to get my lunch. But I guess at this kind of place it’s trying to like other fast food places and maybe it’s quicker and easy for them.

We got there at 7:45 pm and it took at least 30 minutes for our food to arrive. It wasn’t very busy and therefore was quite disappointed that we had to wait for so long. Someone should have come out and told us that it was on its way and that they are sorry for the delay. We were both so hungry and kept looking at our watches wondering why it was taking so long.

The employees weren’t overly friendly and didn’t come and check up on us. They only came to clear the plates away when we were finished. We didn’t feel like sitting there for very long and had to rush off as our parking time was almost up due to the long delay waiting for our food.

Parking in this area can be quite challenging, you might be lucky to find street parking along Chapel Street but most of the time its very busy. We parked in the Woolworth’s parking area, which can be found down the side street right near the café.


Address: 760 Chapel Street, South Yarra & Toorak, Melbourne, (Vic)

Phone: (03) 9973 9551

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  –11:00 am- 9:00 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Website: http://www.hellosam.com.au


Hello Sam Information

CAFÉ RATING = 7.5/10 

 Have you visited Hello Sam Burger café before?  Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating



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