Now and Not Yet (Warrandyte) 7.5/10

How’s it going café lovers?

Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! I decided to venture out to Warrandyte and go back to Now and Not Yet, as I’d been to this café earlier this year but didn’t blog about it. I thought that it was a great little café and decided to go back.

I called my friend Simone up and asked if she would like to join me. I’d told her about this café recently and she had been eager to try it.

It’s not a very big café, so its safe to say that finding a seat during their busy breakfast rush might be a little difficult. Now and Not Yet is crawling with local families with their children after their Saturday sport, young couples on a morning breakfast and groups of young girls catching up.

I love the concept of this café; as it’s a non-profit café whereby 100% of their profits go back into the community to help benefit its members. They have a number of volunteers that help make this café successful and also allow local artists to display their work on the walls.



Now and Not Yet have quite a small menu, which means that there isn’t too much of a verity. But hopefully you can find something on their menu that you’ll like. I feel that have a good mix of sweet and savoury meals that most people will enjoy.

These menu photos were taken in April 2016 and might have changed.

Now and Not Yet Breakfast Menu (April 2016)
Now and Not Yet Lunch Menu (April 2016)
Now and Not Yet Drinks Menu (April 2016)

After looking at the menu I was intrigued by the magic coffee and after talking to the waitress I found out that it was basically a flat white but extra strong and thought that I’d give it a try.

I thought that it was a fantastic coffee, I was worried when I heard that it was going to be quite strong but soon discovered that it was just perfect! It was only slightly stronger than I would usually have my coffee. It had a fantastic rich flavour. It was a great size and came to the table nice and hot.

Coffee rating: 4/5    4 out of 5

Magic ($4)

The first thing that caught my eye on the menu was the peanut butter and banana pancakes. I love anything with peanut butter and just knew that I had to give them a try. They were served with fresh berries, fresh banana, caramel sauce and a small scoop of ice cream. It’s also great to know that these pancakes can also be made gluten free, so all you gluten suffers don’t need to miss out.

When it arrived at the table it looked so beautiful! The golden coloured pancakes against the dark plate looked marvellous. The purple of the berries added an extra depth of colour to the plate with the bright green of the mint garnishing to finish it all off.

The pancakes were light and fluffy, but I was slightly disappointed that the peanut butter was not mixed through the pancakes. I was really excited to taste peanut butter flavoured pancakes, but instead the peanut butter was placed in a blob on top of one of the pancakes.

The caramel sauce tasted great but there wasn’t enough of it. So I felt that the pancakes were slightly dry. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the meal and all the elements but there wasn’t enough peanut butter and sauce.

The fresh banana helped to bring a natural sweetness to the dish, without making it sickly sweet. While the berries added a tart flavour to the dish and helped to cut some of the sweetness of the small amount of caramel sauce.

Peanut butter and banana pancakes, served with fresh berries, fresh banana, caramel sauce and a small scoop of ice cream ($15)


Simone decided to order Mr Marty’s Crumpets, which was served with either whipped honey butter or whipped marmalade butter. She decided that she’d try the honey butter. She wasn’t feeling overly hungry that morning and thought that having something small would be a great option for her.

She said that the crumpets were fantastic as they were light and fluffy and had a great flavour. She said the idea of the whipped honey butter was something quite different to what she has seen in the past. She said that it tasted great and went really well with the crumpets. She also said that these crumpets are a perfect size for someone who was looking for a small meal or just a snack. She said that she would definitely eat them again.

Mr Marty’s Crumpets, served with either whipped honey butter or whipped marmalade butter ($8)



Now and Not Yet has a very rustic warehouse feel. I love the exposed brick wall on the one side of the café and wooden panelling on the other. The exposed wires for the lighting definitely added to the character of this place, making you feel as if you were in a café in Brunswick.

IMG_0943It was great to see local artists displaying their work on the walls and it’s clear to see that Now and Not Yet really does care about their community and the people living within it. The non-profit concept of this café is fantastic! It is so good to see someone giving back to the community they live in. I assume more people will want to visit Now and Not Yet to support the cause knowing that the money they spend there will be benefiting the community around them. I wish more cafés in Melbourne did this.IMG_0932

Everyone working in this café as so friendly and welcoming. They are happy to answer any questions you have about things on the menu and chat to you about the mission of the café.
The only negative thing about this café is that it can get quite noisy. With the polished flooring, the noise seems to echo and it can become quite difficult to hear each other. But it’s still a lovely café with a warm atmosphere and I would definitely go back to Now and Not Yet and recommend it to anyone living in the Warrandyte area.

This place is very family friendly, but there was no children’s menu visible.


Address: 148 Yarra Street, Warrandyte, Melbourne, (Vic)

Phone: (03) 9844 0994

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  –7:30 am- 4:00 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Facebook: Here 

Map: Here 

Now and Not Yet information
Wheelchair access is limited due to the small step when entering the cafe. But seating outside it avaible 


CAFÉ RATING = 7.5/10 

 Have you visited Now and Not Yet before? Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating




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