Fourth Chapter (Prahran) 7.5/10

How’s it going café lovers?

img_2993Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! I hope you’ve been well and are ready to come on another food adventure with me. I came across Fourth Chapter after seeing a friend of mine post photos of their time there on Instagram and the food looked absolutely delicious!

As always, I went with my friend Beth for our weekly breakfast catch-up. We both love going out and trying different cafés around Melbourne and were both excited to go and try Fourth Chapter.

We went on a Wednesday morning and by the time we arrived at Fourth Chapter (just after 10am) it was pretty busy and we had to sit at the table along the window.

With that we also found it quite difficult to find parking in the area, as most of the street parking was taken. We managed to find parking down a side street, which was in a two-hour parking zone. So make sure that you lookout and watch the time to prevent any parking fines.


Fourth Chapter have a superb menu, with a great selection of both savoury and sweet dishes. Every dish on the menu sounds delicious and we both found it quite difficult to pick the dish we wanted. They have a great selection of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free options.

We both felt that the dishes were quite expensive, in comparison to the cafés that we’d been to in the past.

The following menu photos were taken in August 2016 and it might have changed since then.

Fourth Chapter Menu (August 2016)
Fourth Chapter Drinks Menu (August 2016)

I ordered a latte and thought that it had an incredible flavour. It had a rich aroma and a thick and creamy mouth taste and feel. It has to be one of the better coffees that I’ve had in the past few weeks. I would definitely go back and get another.

Coffee rating: 5/5   5 out of 5

Latte ($3.80)

Beth ordered a chai latte and she wasn’t overly impressed. First of all she found it quite expensive to those that she’d had in the past and thought that the flavour was average. She said that the level of sweetness was great, but as the honey had already been added, it doesn’t give the customer control of how much sweetness they want.

Chai rating: 3/5  3 out of 5

Chai ($5.50)

Beth ended up ordered the smashed avocado served on pumpkin sourdough with pea and almond pesto and saganaki with poached eggs.

We both loved how it was plated up and thought that the chef put a lot of thought into how it looked. Beth said that she loved the pea and almond pesto and thought that it added a fantastic flavour combination. She felt that they were quite generous with the amount of avo and loved that it was spread out on both pieces of toast.

The poached eggs were cooked perfect and Beth loved that as she cut into the eggs that the yolks ran across the plate. The crunch of the pumpkin sourdough against the soft avo smash was like a marriage made in heaven!! She loved the food and said that she would definitely order it again and would recommend it to other avocado smash lovers out there.

Smashed avocado served on pumpkin sourdough with pea and almond pesto and saganaki with poached eggs ($20.50)

I ordered the peanut butter s’more waffle served with salted caramel, grilled banana and marshmallows. First of all, this dish looked AMAZING when it arrived to our table. Everything looked like it had been perfect placed and every element basically came together to tell a story.

The waffles themselves were quite tasty. The peanut butter flavour was definitely there, but was not over powering. But I personally felt that they were slight over cooked and therefore a bit to crunchy for my liking. But then again that’s just me; I personally like my waffles to still have a soft and fluffy bit to them.

The salted caramel was delicious, but it was quite rich. So you definitely had to eat it in moderation. The grilled banana had a great sweet flavour and it brought a great soft texture, which was great against the crunch from the waffles and the stickiness from the marshmallows.

Overall, I really enjoyed the dish and I would definitely order it again. I just personally felt that the dish was quite expensive and that would be the only reason I wouldn’t order it again.

Peanut butter s’more waffle served with salted caramel, grilled banana and marshmallows ($21.50)



img_3034Both Beth and I loved the giant windows at the front of the café, which allowed all the natural light to come into the café. The windows made the café feel light and bright and at the same time added warmth, making the café feel cosy.

The employees at Fourth Chapter were all quite friendly and made us feel quite welcome when we walked in.

There are a few tables outside the café, overlooking high street. So this would be the perfect spot to sit on a warm summer/spring day or if you’ve bought your four-legged friend with you. Fourth Chapter also have blankets for their customers to use when they are sitting outside.

Fourth Chapter have a relaxed atmosphere, where you feel comfortable to sit there and enjoy your coffee and meal without feeling rushed or the pressure to get out quickly.



Address: 385 High St, Prahran, Melbourne, (Vic)

Map: here

Phone: (03) 9510 2277

Facebook: here

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  –7:00 am- 4:00 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


CAFÉ RATING = 7.5/10 

 Have you visited Fourth Chapter before? Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating



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