Little Big Sugar Salt (Abbotsford) 7/10

How’s it going cafe lovers?


Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! After seeing so many photos of Little Big Sugar Salt (LBSS) on social media, I thought that it was about time that my friend Beth and I check it out to see what all the fuss was about.

LBSS is located in Abbotsford; this quaint little café offers a pretty good coffee and a unique menu. We found that there was plenty of parking along Victoria Street, outside the café (which is ticketed) or there are free 2-hour parking spots near the Carlton Brewhouse, either along Cooke Street or Thompson Street.

After sitting down in LBSS and looking around the room, we got the impression that it was once an old house that has now been converted into this little café. If so, it is an interesting way to use an old space.


The menu at LBSS is quite comical; we both loved the funny ways the dishes were described and the little drawings throughout.

The following menu photos were taken in February 2017 and might have changed since.





I ordered a cappuccino and I was surprised how quickly both our drinks came to the table. It wasn’t overly hot, so I had to drink it quite quickly. But it did have a rich flavour and a creamy consistency.

Coffee rating: 3/5     3 out of 5


Beth ordered a chai latte (A Chai Called Quest), which was a spiced chai without any sweetener; a nice change as most places make it way too sweet.

She said that the froth was nice and that her drink was quite hot. Finally she loved the presentation and thought that the mug that it was served in was quite different.

Chai rating: 3/5     3 out of 5

A Chai Called Quest ($7)

Beth ordered ‘The Usual’, which was sweet potato and coconut pancakes, with banana, coconut whip, strawberries, spiced hammer and granola.

They were plated so beautifully; it looked as if the chef carefully placed every element, with each having a part in the story the dish was trying to tell.

Beth said that the pancakes were quite different to what she was expecting, as they weren’t as light and fluffy as other she’d had in the past. Instead, they were quite dense and heavy, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. She also said that the pancakes weren’t very sweet, which was a nice change. The serving size was perfect and she didn’t feel hungry or sickly full when she had finished.

She wasn’t a huge fan of the granola and thought that it was an odd addition to the dish, saying that she wouldn’t miss it if it weren’t there. Finally, there was a generous amount of the coconut whip, which she thought brought an interesting flavour to this dish, almost giving it an extra freshness.

‘The Usual’, which was sweet potato and coconut pancakes, with banana, coconut whip, strawberries, spiced hammer and granola ($19) (V, GF, DF)

I ended up ordering the ‘Wafflyf’, which were banana oat waffles with grilled banana, maple coconut whip, Notella and blueberries. Like the pancakes, I thought that the waffles were plated very beautifully. I loved the golden brown of the waffles against the grey plate. The waffles had a fantastic flavour; the banana and oat combination is something quite different. I was glad that the banana flavour in the waffles wasn’t overpowering, but instead worked perfectly with the oats.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the addition of the ‘Notella’ as it added an extra sweetness and a beautiful nutty flavour.

I’m not usually a huge fan of coconut, but I actually enjoyed the coconut whip. The coconut flavour was there, but it was not overpowering at all. It had an incredible smooth and light texture, which just melted in my mouth.

‘Wafflyf’ – banana oat waffles with grilled banana, maple coconut whip, Notella and blueberries ($17)


The employee’s at LBSS are all pretty friendly and they all greeted us when we walked in. As we got there quite early on a Saturday morning, we didn’t have to wait for a table. So I would recommend getting there before 10am over the weekend period to avoid waiting for a table.

The environment was quite relaxed and we didn’t feel rushed to order or eat our food.

There are quite a few tables spread out throughout the old converted house, but only a couple of seats outside overlooking Victoria Street.



Address: 385 Victoria St, Abbotsford, Melbourne, (Vic)

Map: here

Phone: (03) 9427 8818

Facebook: here

Website: here

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  –7:30 am- 3:30 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Little Big Sugar Salt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

*Can be seen as dog friendly, but they only have a few spots outside for you and your fur baby.                                *There is one step going into the cafe so it could make it quite difficult for someone in a wheelchair


Have you visited Little Big Sugar Salt café before? Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating


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