Street Organics (Malvern) 8/10

Greetings Café Lovers!

IMG_7976Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! For this week’s food adventure, my good friend Beth and I decided to go and visit Street Organics, located in Malvern. Fun fact, there is also a Street Organics in Takapuna, Auckland.

Street Organics is a family run business, which originally started as a co-op store. Its founder, Kristen Morrison, soon became a passionate advocate for toxin-free living and organic food, after seeing the amazing effects it had on her family. Today Street Organics also has a number of healthy snacks, meals and drinks, which are all made from scratch. Street Organics has now evolved into a café and wholefoods store. To read more about the Street Organics story have a look at their website. (Insert link)

Street Organics is located on High Street in Malvern, which makes it pretty easy to find. We managed to find parking down one of the side streets near the café, but there is also street parking (parallel) along High Street.


Street Organics has a fantastic menu that is geared towards those on a vegetarian or vegan diet, and has gluten free and paleo breads to suit those with dietary requirements.

The following menu photos were taken in March 2017 and might have changed since.


I ordered a cappuccino, and found it pretty average. It wasn’t overly hot when it arrived at the table, which is always disappointing. However, the flavour and overall creaminess was ok.

But it did look like a larger serving than what you would normally get at another café.

Coffee rating: 3/5     3 out of 5


Beth thought that she would try something different, and ordered a dandelion latte. She said that it reminded her of a chai latte, with a slightly sweet and nutty taste . She also said that it wasn’t overly sweet, which is always a plus in her book.

She said that she would definitely order it again.

Dandelion Latte rating: 4/5    4 out of 5


We are also given a sample of their turmeric latte. Beth said that she quite enjoyed it, but I was not biggest fan I found it quite spicy/hot, and found it left a burning sensation on my tongue. I could also taste the turmeric flavour all day. I personally wouldn’t order it, but I was really glad that I had the opportunity to try it.


Beth ordered smashed avo with dukkah, goat milk feta and sprouts on sourdough bread, with an added poached egg (gluten free and paleo bread options are also available).

When it arrived at the table we both agreed that it was a good portion size for the $16, where a lot of other cafes are at least $18.

This was Beth’s first experience tasting goat’s cheese and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She said that it added an almost citric or tart taste which she thought was a great compliment to the avocado. She thought that it took the dish to the next level, and each mouth full was as amazing as the last.

Finally, her egg was cooked perfectly and she loved how the runny egg yolk tasted with the goat’s cheese and avo.

She said that she would definitely order this dish again.

Smashed avo with dukkah, goat milk feta and sprouts on sourdough bread, with an added poached egg ($16)

I ordered the breakfast board, with poached eggs on sourdough or gluten free toast, granola and poached fruit, and a coffee (this dish is a gluten free option).

I loved this dish and this is where my love for breakfast boards started, as you get a bit of both sweet and savoury in one, so it’s a win-win!

The presentation was fantastic! I loved the wooden board that it was served on, and the little jug for the milk.

I thought that both my poached eggs were cooked perfectly, as the yolks were runny while the egg whites were solid.

The granola itself was fantastic! Being a huge granola fan, I have to say it was one of the best I’d had in a while, as it wasn’t overly sweet. I loved the crunch of the granola against the soft poached fruit.

This dish was a great portion size and I felt full for most of the day. It included my coffee, and for $17 I thought that it was a great value for money.

I would definitely order this dish again and highly recommend it to others.

Breakfast board – poached eggs on sourdough or gluten free toast, granola and poached fruit, and a coffee ($17)


We both loved the simple décor with the wooden floors and the almost picnic-like wooden tables. There are only a handful of tables inside the café and a long shared bench table outside.

They also have a great selection of delicious treats near the register, with most of them being vegetarian and/or vegan and paleo friendly, gluten, sugar and dairy free.

The service was fantastic; the girls are all super friendly and helpful. They described the dandelion latte perfectly, which Beth was happy about.

Both our drinks and our food came out very quickly, which we were both quite pleased with, as we were hungry.

The environment is quite relaxing, as we didn’t feel in any rush to order or eat our food.






Address: 1430 High St, Malvern, Melbourne, (Vic)

Map: here

Phone: (03) 9972 8329

Facebook: here

Website: here

Operating Hours: 

Monday – Wednesday & Friday – 8:00 am- 5:00 pm                               

Thursday  – 8:00 am- 10:00 pm                               

Saturday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sunday – Closed


Have you visited Street Organics before? Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating



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