Uncommon (Windsor) 7/10

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I recently went to Uncommon on Chapel Street in Windsor with my good friend Beth for our weekly food adventure.

Uncommon is a perfect fit for the area; with its large windows at the front of the café and unique style this café definitely screams Chapel Street. We both loved the hanging plants and thought that it added a bit of colour and life to the café. It is quite different to other cafes along Chapel Street.


The menu at Uncommon is quite small, but has a few interesting sounding dishes that you can’t wait to sink your teeth into.

Uncommon uses the Sensory Lab coffee blend.

The following menu photos were taken in June 2017 and might have change since.

I ordered a cappuccino and it was pretty average, but it wasn’t very hot when it arrived at the table. I personally don’t think it was as thick and creamy as I’ve had in the past.

Coffee rating: 3/5      3 out of 5

Coffee ($4)

Beth ordered a chai latte. She thought that the flavour was well balanced and that there was the perfect amount of sweetness. She also loved the presentation, as it was quite different to what we’d seen before. However, it took quite a while for them to bring it to the table.

Chai rating: 4/5   4 out of 5

Whattleseed Chai Latte ($4.80)

For breakfast, Beth had potato Rosti with cured salmon, beetroot jam, crème fraiche, green peas and a poached egg.

She truly enjoyed her meal and said that the rosti had a beautiful golden colour and a great crunch, while the inside was nice and soft. Every mouthful just made her taste buds dance with glee.

The beetroot jam was something quite different and went perfectly with the slightly salty rosti. It was also good to see such a generous amount on the plate.

The egg was cooked well and the salmon was a great addition. She was glad that there wasn’t much of the crème fraiche, as it was quite rich, yet having it there definitely added depth to the dish.

Potato Rosti with cured salmon, beetroot jam, crème fraiche, green peas and a poached egg ($21)

I ordered the chilli eggs with smoked tomato, pickled chilli, manchego, spinach, green oil and toast.

I thought that it was plated beautifully, as I can imagine it is quite difficult to make scrambled eggs look good. It did look like it was quite a small serving, but the dish was rich and therefore didn’t need more than what was served on the plate.

The colour contrast, with the yellow from the eggs, the red from the tomatoes and the green from the spinach, was just magnificent. The pickled chilli was a great addition and I didn’t find it hot at all, so don’t let this frighten you away from trying this dish. All the flavour combinations were fantastic and worked together perfectly.

I genuinely enjoyed this dish and would most certainly order it again.

Chilli eggs with smoked tomato, pickled chilli, manchego, spinach, green oil and toast ($16.50)


IMG_0541We both thought that the service at Uncommon was terrible. We were asked to take a seat at the back where we waited for someone to bring us a menu. But after waiting for more than 10 minutes I decided to ask for one, as I grew tired of waiting (we also sat right next to the kitchen so plenty of staff members walked past us).

The girl that was supposed to be looking after us basically ignored us. When I asked for a menu, she gave us the impression that she had better places to be and that taking our coffee order was just too much effort.

But there was one waiter that was fantastic, He was super friendly and came and checked on us during our meal while the other girl didn’t. I don’t think we were in his area, but I was glad that someone was making an effort.

IMG_0550Even though the floor service was slow, the kitchen service was fantastic and we received our food quickly.

We both found the room echoed, making it noisy and at times to the point where we had to raise our voices so we could hear each other. The tables at the back near the kitchen are a bit too close together and we felt as if we were intruding on the neighbouring table’s space.

But we did like the hanging plants, as we thought it added life and a much-needed pop of colour to the café.

There are quite a few tables inside the café itself, but be warned this café can get busy quite quickly, so to avoid having to wait for a table try getting there before 10:30 am over the weekend periods.


Address: 60 Chapel St, Windsor, Melbourne, (Vic)

Map: here

Phone: (03) 9510 6655

Facebook: here

Website: here

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  –7:30 am- 3:30 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 8:00 am – 3:30 pm


Have you visited Uncommon before? Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating


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