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On a recent outing to the city, my good friend Beth and I decided to grab a quick lunch to rest our tired feet and get us ready for the next round of afternoon shopping.

I had heard about Hash Speciality Coffee and thought that it would be a great spot to try, as it was within walking distance from most of the popular shopping spots in the city.

It was pretty easy to find, yet quite busy on the afternoon we went, so just be warned that you might have to wait for a table.



The menu at Hash offers all day breakfasts and lunches and has a number of delicious sounding dishes to choose from.

Their drinks also sound amazing; what could be better than a cloud of fairy floss with your hot chocolate?

The following menu photos were taken in June 2017 and might have changed since.




Unfortunately we didn’t order any drinks, as we were just happy with water. But we both decided that we would come back sometime and try one of their fancy drinks with the fairy floss cloud.

I ordered the grilled banana and pecan loaf, with honey mascarpone, white chocolate anglaise, milk crumb, seasonal berries and macadamia nuts. I was rather disappointed with the serving size and think that $17.50 is far too much for the tiny serving. Even though this dish is quite rich, it’s definitely not worth that amount, as I was still hungry and had to go home and find something else to eat.

The dish itself was far too sweet (and I’m a sweet tooth) and I almost felt sick afterwards.

But the loaf itself was quite tasty and I would have loved if they had added another slice instead of having so much mascarpone and chocolate anglasie. Also, they mentioned that there would be seasonal berries and I was disappointed to only find 7 berries on the plate. I would have loved it if there were more berries, the tartness might have helped to cut some of the sweetness and make the dish more enjoyable.

The white chocolate anglasie was quite pleasant, but as I said it was very sweet and a little bit goes a long way.

I probably wouldn’t order this dish again, due to it being so sweet and quite expensive and I personally don’t see value for money here.

Grilled banana and pecan loaf, with honey mascarpone, white chocolate anglaise, milk crumb, seasonal berries and macadamia nuts ($17.50)

Beth ordered the corn fritters, which were deep-fired with romesco sauce, a poached egg, herb salad, chilli and coriander. She said that the fritters themselves were pretty good as they were crunchy on the outside, without being burnt.

However, there were a few hard pieces inside the fritters, mostly likely from the cornhusks, which weren’t enjoyable and were difficult to eat.

But the romesco sauce was delectable and went perfectly with the fritters.

Finally Beth wasn’t too keen on the salad, as she found it quite boring. She said that at one point she ate a large chunk of ginger, which took her by surprise.. But if you’re a fan of ginger, maybe you’ll enjoy this dish.

Corn fritters – deep-fired with romesco sauce, a poached egg, herb salad, chilli and coriander ($19.50)


IMG_0730The service was pretty average and the staff members were friendly enough. They didn’t exactly go out of their way to make us feel welcome or come and check on us.

The environment was ok; we both felt it was a bit dark inside, but that could be the mood that they were going for.

We sat on the shared table, as it was quite busy when we arrived. We both felt that the table was far too high and therefore quite uncomfortable to sit at. But maybe their normal tables are more comfortable or even their outside tables if it’s a warm day.

The use of beakers were a nice touch and quite unlike what other cafes use. We also loved that we had the option of still or sparkling water and thought that it was something quite different.



Address: 113 Hardware Street, Melbourne, Melbourne, (Vic)

Map: here

Phone: (03) 8529 0284

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  –7:00 am- 4:00 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


Hash Specialty Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Have you visited Hash Speciality Coffee before? Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of cafe’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating

– Kim


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