Bob’s Your Uncle (Doncaster East) 8/10

Hi Café Lovers!

Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! I hope you are ready to come along and visit good old Uncle Bob and try some delicious food.

Bob’s Your Uncle is located in Jackson’s Court in Doncaster East and has the most beautiful interior with crisp white walls, timber tables and polished concrete floor.

The staff members welcome you with big smiles on their faces and try to seat you as quickly as they can.

There is quite a lot of parking around the café and the best place to park would most likely be outside Dan Murphies, which is only a short walk from the café.

I went to Bob’s Your Uncle with my friend Mars for a much needed catch up, and it’s safe to say that we both loved it.


Bob’s Your Uncle’s menu has a great range of options to choose from, with a number of mouth-watering sweet and savoury options. I’m sure you’ll have to visit a number of times to try the other dishes that caught your eye.

The following menu photos were taken in June 2017 and might have changed since.

I ordered a cappuccino, which came to the table quite quickly after ordering. It was nice and hot when it arrived at the table and had a nice mellow taste with a smooth, rich and creamy consistency.

Coffee rating: 4/5  4 out of 5

Coffee ($3.80)

Mars ordered a chai latte, which was a very generous portion, but was slightly on the weaker side. She said that it was very fragrant of warm spices.

Chai rating: 4/5  4 out of 5

Chai ($5)

Mars ordered the choc chip pancakes with caramel cream, roasted almonds, strawberry labne, poached seasonal fruit and maple syrup.

She said that the pancakes were great and the tangy fresh yoghurt complimented the sweet pancakes, so the sweetness wasn’t overpowering. The pancakes themselves were cooked really well and were quite fluffy.

The poached rhubarb and assorted fruits just melted in your mouth, delicious!

She thought that it was strange that she could eat the flowers, but thought that were a great garnish and made the plate look beautiful.

She loved the roasted almonds and thought that they added a great crunchy texture.

Overall she loved the dish, but would have loved a few more slices of fresh fruit, as there wasn’t quite enough.

Choc chip pancakes with caramel cream, roasted almonds, strawberry labne, poached seasonal fruit and maple syrup ($16.50)

I had the breakfast board with muesli, honey & vanilla yoghurt, smashed avocado, a poached egg, feta, dukkah and fresh orange juice. I love breaky boards, as you get something both sweet and savoury, so this is perfect if you are in the mood for both.

I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the muesli, as it had chunks of dried fruit in it. I don’t normally enjoying dried fruit, as I don’t like the tacky/sticky texture that some of them seem to have. I also found that the dried fruit made the dish quite sweet. But the muesli itself was quite tasty and had a delightful crunch to it. The honey and vanilla yoghurt was a marvellous addition, and definitely added an extra creaminess. I personally would have liked more yoghurt, as I would have preferred to have it with my muesli instead of having to pour milk on it.

I loved the smashed avocado and thought that the amount of avocado on the toast was perfect. The feta that was mixed through the avo added an extra depth of flavour and was a nice little surprise for my taste buds. The poached egg was cooked quite well, as it had a runny yolk, but a firm white surrounding it.

Finally, the fresh orange juice was fantastic!

I personally wouldn’t order this dish again, only due to the dried fruit with the muesli. If it didn’t have the dried fruit, I would definitely order it again.

Breakfast board with muesli, honey & vanilla yoghurt, smashed avocado, a poached egg, feta, dukkah and fresh orange juice ($17.50)


The employees at Bob’s Your Uncle were all very friendly and made us feel welcome as soon as we walked in. They took our drink order right away and we didn’t have to wait long for them to arrive at our table.

One of the girls offered to help us with the menu and was also quite warm and chatty when we went to pay.

The environment is quite relaxing, but due to the concrete floors it can get noisy and at times we struggled to hear each other.

We went in the late morning, so the sun was just pouring in, which is great but not if it’s in your eyes, so maybe they should think of getting screen blinds.

Just keep in mind that there are no split bills over weekends or public holidays.


Address: 38 Jackson Ct, Doncaster East, Melbourne, (Vic)

Map: here

Phone: (03) 9848 6699

Facebook: here

Operating Hours: 

Monday –Friday  –8:00 am- 4:00 pm                               

Saturday –Sunday – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

 Crabapple Kitchen info


Bob's Your Uncle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Have you visited Bob’s Your Uncle before? Tell me what you thought of it. Do you have any suggestions of café’s to visit?

Comment down below, I’m always looking for somewhere new to try.

Until next time,

Happy eating



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  1. Hi Lovely, the cafe is quite vegan friendly. I went there recently and they have a lot of menu options that can be altered and found them very helpful with making the changes 🙂


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