Clubhouse Malvern (Malvern) 7.5/10

Hey Cafe Lovers! Welcome to Cards and Cafés! I recently went to Clubhouse Malvern with my two friends Beth and Kate. We’d have driven past this café in previous weeks and decided that we needed to go and give this café a try. We went on a Saturday morning and the place was already pumping... Continue Reading →

Saint James Café (Malvern) 7.5/10

Hey Café Lovers! Welcome to Cards and Cafés! Looking for a cosy café for those long leisurely brunches with your friends? Look no further than Saint James Café, located on Malvern Road in Malvern. This funky little café is one of the best brunch spots in Malvern and is one to put at the top... Continue Reading →

Street Organics (Malvern) 8/10

Greetings Café Lovers! Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! For this week’s food adventure, my good friend Beth and I decided to go and visit Street Organics, located in Malvern. Fun fact, there is also a Street Organics in Takapuna, Auckland. Street Organics is a family run business, which originally started as a co-op store.... Continue Reading →

The Pour Kids (Malvern) 7/10

Greetings café lovers! Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! I recently went to The Pour Kids with one of my high school friends Emily. She had been to this café in the past and when she heard I wanted to go she said that she would take me as she really enjoyed it. We went... Continue Reading →

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