Holla Food & Coffee (Richmond) 8/10

Hi Café Lovers! Welcome to Cards and Cafés! After finding Holla Food & Coffee on Instagram and looking through all their photos of delicious food, I knew that this café needed to be added to my ever-growing list. I went with my friend Beth for a quick brunch on a Thursday morning and we really... Continue Reading →

Serotonin Eatery (Burnley/Richmond) 7/10

Hello Fellow Foodies! Welcome to Cards and Cafés! Serotonin offers an escape from your busy and stressful lives. They have a holistic approach, providing a nourishing eatery which focuses on a plant-based diet with an Exercise Centre. Founder Emily Hazell was on the search for a café with a simple menu, where every dish was... Continue Reading →

LumberJack (Richmond) 7/10

Hello Café Lovers! Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! Located at the end of Bridge Road in Richmond, LumberJack is a small and charming café that offers the locals a quiet place to enjoy their coffee and grab a bite to eat. There is plenty of parking along bridge road and the many side streets... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Blessings (Richmond) 8/10

How’s it going café lovers? Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! I went to A Thousand Blessing at the end of June (2016) with my good friend Tiana to celebrate both our birthdays. Her birthday is the day before mine and it has become a tradition to celebrate together the day after mine. We decided... Continue Reading →

Touchwood (Richmond) 8.5/10

Hello fellow cafe lovers! I hope that you are all having a great day. Today I have a treat for you, if you're having a bad day or even a bad week I would recommend that you go and visit this cafe in Richmond. I have to admit that I thought that this place was FANTASTIC! I had... Continue Reading →

Top Paddock (Richmond) 9/10

G’day fellow cafe lovers  Just a stones throw away from one of Melbourne’s most famous streets Chapel Street, Top Paddock can be found at the end of Church Street. This beautiful café has been voted one of Melbourne’s best cafés in numerous publications and I have to agree with them. Top Paddock is a perfect spot for... Continue Reading →

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