Black Alchemy Café (Blackburn) 7/10

Hello fellow café lovers! Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! I heard about Black Alchemy Café from a friend of mine and I thought that I’d add it to my list. So one Sunday morning my Dad and I decided to come and give Black Alchemy a try. It was reasonably easy to find as... Continue Reading →

Little WoodPecker (Blackburn) 7.5/10

Hi howdy hello fellow café lovers! Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! As I hadn’t been to a café in Blackburn for a few months I thought it was about time to visit that area again and give another honest review of my time there. I came across Little Woodpecker just by chance when I... Continue Reading →

Charlotte’s Corner (Blackburn) 6/10

What’s cracking cafe lovers?!  Located in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Blackburn South along Canterbury Road lies Charlotte’s Corner. This place has a lovely interior with beautiful exposed red bricks, which gives this café a rustic feel which follows the latest trend in Melbourne.  This café is easy for Blackburn locals to get to and visit in their... Continue Reading →

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