Barclays Café (Heathmont) 5/10

How’s it going café lovers? Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! A while back I went to Barclays Café in Heathmont with my Dad for a quick Saturday morning breakfast. After hearing about them on Facebook I thought that I’d better check them out and see if it’s as good as some of my friends... Continue Reading →

Rumour Mill (Croydon) 7.5/10

Greeting café lovers!  Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! I found Rumour Mill by sheer chance one Saturday afternoon when I was visiting McAdam Square. I saw Rumour Mill out of the corner of my eye and looked up their menu online and knew that I had to put it on my café list. As... Continue Reading →

Mister Fox (Ringwood) 8/10

Good to see you café lovers! Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! A few years back before I started my blog I went to Mister Fox with a friend of mine and I absolutely loved it. So I thought that it was time to pay it another visit to see if it still as fabulous... Continue Reading →

Chapter Too Café (Heathmont) 7/10

What’s cracking café lovers? Welcome back to Cards and Cafés! This time my friend Beth and I ventured out to Heathmont. I thought that I needed to move away from my favourite brunch areas those being Hawthorn and Camberwell and try somewhere different. Another friend of mine told me about this café and I thought... Continue Reading →

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